The Collection.

The collection contains a large volume of legal and estate documents dating back to the 17th century, including the original agreements on farmland purchases for building the first furnaces and documents relating to the acquisition of ironworks and Colliery's during the periods of industrial expansion. The collection also has information relating to the mineral rights, water reserves, also maps, plans, balancs sheets, Minutes of share holders Annual General Meetings and on the process, products and personnel. 


The collection holds a complete set Company magazines, periodicals, books, catalogues, and extensive newspaper cuttings, also an eclectic mix of furniture, paintings, industrial artefacts, examples of tinplate cans and commemorative pieces, from the early1920's. Also retained are examples of instrumentation, tools and industrial memorabilia. 


From the turn of the 20th century an extensive photographic portfolio has been preserved which includes a record of sites, equipment, staff and its demolition and a library of archival film which has been largely digitised and includes operations from 1918 up to closure in 2002 and its subsequent demolition.